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Investing in Commercial Real Estate

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David McLean
  • Diversify your portfolio

  • Passive Income

  • Tax Advantaged


“I’ve known David as a friend for fifteen years and a business partner for five. I’ve found him to be honest, knowledgeable, thoughtful, and dependable. Would highly recommend David.” (April 15, 2020)
Jeff Barry
Barry Properties


David McLean is a real estate investor with over 20 years experience in the industry. He and his family live in Signal Mountain, TN, a suburb of Chattanooga. He grew up in Magee, Mississippi and graduated from Ole Miss in 1994. David's experience includes land sales and development, commercial real estate sales and leasing as well as owning and operating single and multifamily properties.

Investment Strategy

Multi Family Apartments

We invest in value-add multifamily assets in Chattanooga and surrounding areas in the Southeastern U.S. that are 20-100+ units in size. The ideal properties we seek are underperforming and present opportunities for us to increase value by increasing revenue and/or decreasing expenses. We accomplish this through implementation of professional property management, streamlining operations, completing renovations and making capital improvements necessary to reposition the property.

Multi Family Appt.jpeg
Multi Family Appts 2.jpg

Multifamily Approach

  • Under Performing Apartment Communities

  • 20-100+ Units

  • Value- Add Opportunity

  • Class B and C properties

  • Deferred Maintenance

  • Utilize Professional Property Management 

  • Repairs & Updates

  • Fill Vacancies

  • Raise Rents to Market

  • Streamline Expenses

  • Refinance the Asset, returning investor capital and continue operating or,

  • Sell the property

  • Typical hold period between 3-7 years

Get in Touch

If you are interested in learning more about how investing in multifamily apartments can help you build passive income streams along with generational wealth for you and your family, let’s get on a call soon! We would love to get to know you and learn more about your goals, discuss multifamily investing and answer any questions you may have. 

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