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Investment Strategy

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DMC Real Estate Investments invests in B and C class value-add multifamily assets in Chattanooga and surrounding areas of the Southeastern US. The ideal properties we invest in are underperforming assets offering a variety of value- add opportunities such as higher vacancy rates, below market rental rates, deferred maintenance and high expenses.  Upon purchase, our team begins to reposition these underperforming assets through strong professional property management, making needed repairs and renovations, and implementing operating efficiencies which builds value for residents and the asset. The hold period for these deals is dependent on the market cycle but is typically 3-7 years. Our goal is to achieve exceptional returns primarily through monthly cash flow, tax benefits, and forced appreciation of the asset.


Why Multifamily?

  • Monthly Cash Flow

  • Economies of Scale

  • Tax benefits

  • Resilient Asset Class

  • Passive Income

  • More control over Asset value than Single Family rentals

  • U.S. evolving into a “Renter Nation”


Why Southeast?

Population shift to the southeast from major metro areas in the North/Northeast and California

  • Cost of living

  • Quality of Life

  • Strong Economy/Labor Growth

  • Pro-Business environment

  • Landlord Friendly Laws


Why Chattanooga?

  • Job Growth 2.92%

  • Unemployment 3.5%

  • Diverse Economy

  • Population- 548,359 (Metro), 184,143 (City)

  • Cost of Living 16.6% lower that U.S. Avg

  • No State Income Tax

  • Multiple awards/High rankings for “Best Places to Live in the U.S.”

  • Trending to become the 3rd largest City in Tennessee

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