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Darren Light

Darren Light is a mechanical engineer by trade and started investing in real estate in 2016. In April of 2018 he left his corporate job to pursue real estate full time. His portfolio consists of several fix and flips in Knoxville, TN, as well as in the Tri-Cities area of Tennessee. He is a general partner on 155 multifamily units, has completed a full cycle on a 41-unit syndication in Chattanooga, TN. He is an active member in the Jake & Gino Wheelbarrow Profits community and serves as an accountability coach helping others to reach their fullest potential as they strive to begin their multifamily investing careers and experience.

Bill Ham
Deal Expert Coach
Jake & Gino

Bill is the owner/operator of Phoenix Residential Group and Phoenix Residential Management. He has been in the real estate business for 13 years and has created a portfolio of over 1000 units while growing Phoenix Management to a team of 15 staff members. He has taught real estate for the past 6 years and has dozens of highly successful students. Bill uses his extensive real estate experience to teach his students the “real” side of real estate.

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